Below is a collection selected works from my Master's program at Lehigh University. This includes papers, games, video files, audio files, and presentations. For more information regarding any specific item in the collection, please do not hesitate to contact me through this site's contact link!

TLT 406

Tools for Teaching & Learning

  • NetLogo Simulation
    • Simulation around resource and reproduction requirements for "colonizing mars". Used to demonstrate basic knowledge of NetLogo. Requires installation of NetLogo software.
  • Scratch Game "Math Blaster 2012"
    • First "educational" video game developed using Scratch. Designed to test player's basic math skills.
  • iOS App "VocabU"
    • Video demonstration of a conceptual iOS app. The app was designed to be a replacement or augmentation to primary school vocabulary lessons.
  • Video Module "Statistics 101"
    • Module designed to demonstrate online learning tools such as video lessons and scribing. Pardon the PiP video quality.

TLT 460

Advanced Multimedia Programming and Resource Development for Learning


Special Topics Course: Game Design for Learning

  • Tales of Mythology
    • Game developed using Stencyl.
  • Triangle Game
    • Class-wide group project game developed using Stencyl. Primary role: graphics and programming.